Morpeth is divided into three electoral wards. These are:

  • Morpeth North
  • Morpeth Kirkhill
  • Morpeth Stobhill

Each ward has 5 elected Town Councillors to represent that ward.
Each ward has 1 elected County Councillor to represent that area.

Councillor Declaration of Interest Forms

Councillor attendance at Morpeth Town Council Committee meetings can be viewed using the following link:
Councillor Attendance 2020-21

The Role of a Town Councillor

  • A Town Councillor is a volunteer and receives no financial reward.
  • A Town Councillor is held accountable by the local people for things that happen locally and will try to make a difference by influencing decisions which affect the community.
  • A Town Councillor may represent a political party or may be independent.
  • A Town Councillor has a duty to attend Council meetings.
  • A Town Councillor has a duty to ensure the Council is properly managed.
  • A Town Councillor must represent the whole electorate not just those that voted for them and must represent the views of the community.
  • A Town Councillor must maintain proper standards of behaviour as an elected representative of the people.
  • A Town Councillor must abide to the Code of Conduct which means that they must act openly and honourably in the public interest.
  • A Town Councillor must never use their position to secure personal advantage for themselves, family or friends.
  • A Town Councillor must not do anything that brings the council into disrepute.