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Morpeth Town Council owns the allotments at East Greens, Middle Greens, Allery Banks and Tommy’s Field.

Tommy’s Field Sites are run on a self-managed basis through the Tommy’s Field Allotment Association.

East Greens, Middle Greens and Allery Banks have plots available for cultivation.

Any resident of Morpeth who wishes to apply for an allotment should contact the relevant Allotment Association.

There is a small annual charge levied for the use of an allotment.

Morpeth Town Council also own and manage the following allotment sites:

  • Duncan Gardens
  • Abbots Way
  • Wellwood Gardens
  • St Mary’s Field
  • East Greens
  • Middle Greens
  • Allery Banks

If you have a query or require further information regarding these allotment sites, please call the Town Council office on 01670 514314.

To apply for an allotment download and fill in the Allotment Application Form and return it to us.

Allotment Rules and Regulations – Please follow the link below to the allotment rules and regulations.

Allotment Rules and Regulations

Spring gardening suggestions from the Royal Horticultural Society and Morpeth Town Council – For top tips and suggestions on managing your plot, please see link below

Morpeth Town Council Spring 2019

What to do if you’ve received a Morpeth Town Council Allotment Notice – Please see link below

Allotment Notices

Allotment Inspections – 22nd February 2020 – See attached for details of the next allotment inspections

22nd February 2020 Inspections

General information and Guidance

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

How to make free compost from vegetable scraps and garden cuttings

Snail and Slug Control Wildlife friendly control methods

Attracting bumblebees and making artificial bumblebee nest sites in the garden

Hints and tips for attracting butterflies to the garden

Water use on Allotments

Bee Keeping on Morpeth Town Council Allotments

Contact Telephone Numbers:

Morpeth Town Council – Allotments Officer, Mr Terry Garnick 07940 094941 or 01670 514314
Tommy’s Field Allotment Association 01670 860646
Visit Tommy’s Field Allotments website

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