Books of Condolence

Will be opened at named locations in the following towns:-

Morpeth County Hall,
Morpeth; Leisure Centre
Alnwick Leisure Centre, Library within Playhouse
Ashington Library/Leisure Centre;
Berwick-upon-Tweed Registrar’s Office and Leisure Centre
Blyth Library, Bridge Street, and Leisure Centre
Hexham Leisure Centre Queen’s Hall
Ponteland Leisure Centre
Bedlington Library
Cramlington Leisure Centre
Books of Condolence will be open during normal working hours and will remain open until 17.00 on the day following the funeral

e‐Book of Condolence

Flags will be flying at half-mast and then will, at 11.00hrs be raised to full mast and flown throughout the day at full mast to coincide with the Reading of the Principal Proclamation. On the day following Proclamation Day they will be returned to half-mast after reading of the local Proclamation


The following areas have been identified where the laying of flowers can be managed safely in Morpeth – Carlisle Park Bankside for tributes; County Hall cenotaph for tributes


The State Funeral will be a national day of mourning and if a weekday, it will be treated as a bank holiday. (If the funeral falls on a Saturday or existing bank holiday, it is not anticipated that an additional bank holiday will be held) If the funeral falls on a Sunday or significant national holiday, it is anticipated the funeral will be held on a different day.
The death of the sovereign is to be marked by a two minute silence at 11:00 a.m. on the day of the funeral day of death
All scheduled council meetings to be cancelled or postponed

Proclamation Day

Proclamation will be read by the High Sheriff (with Lord Lieutenant alongside) at 1.00 p.m. on Sunday on the steps of the Town Hall, Morpeth

Bridge Street Morpeth will be closed to traffic