Morpeth Town Hall
12-5pm Saturday 5th March 2022
All day Monday 7th March 2022

Items needed:

Personal hygiene items:
• Soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, hair brushes
• Toothbrushes and toothpaste, for children and adults
• Antiperspirants and deodorants (mainly for women but also for men)
• Face creams and tonics, hand creams for women
• Sanitary towels, tampons, sanitary pads
• Sanitary towels in larger sizes for postpartum women and breast pads
• Wet wipes, nappies (pampers in different sizes), tissues, cotton wool

Medical supplies:
• First aid kits
• Bandages, gauze and cotton wool, tourniquets, plasters, disposable gloves
• Analgesic and antipyretic, anti-inflammatory medicines for children and adults
• Vitamins for children
• Something for coughs, sore throats, stomach problems, nose drops.

For children to keep them occupied and distracted, to make them smile:
• Colouring books and crayons/markers
• Small puzzles
• Small mascots / cuddly toys
• Sweets: chocolates, chocolate bars, snacks etc.

• Baby cereals and fruit/vegetable snacks in tubes (not jars), instant foods like soups etc., long term foods like tinned foods etc., paper towels, disposable cutlery and plates
• Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, bedding
• Powerbanks, batteries, torches

Clothing in various sizes (new items please):
• Underwear for women and children
• Cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits, cotton leggings for women
• Thermoactive clothing
• Ladies’ slippers, children’s and women’s pyjamas, bath towels

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