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Morpeth Conservation Area Appraisal

Morpeth Town Council has adopted a detailed appraisal of the Conservation Area which will be of significant use to developers and planners and give more weight to the existing Conservation Area in decision making.

The Conservation Area Appraisal gives a readable description of the setting, history, development and changing architectural culture of the town.  It includes details such as types of roof tiles, stone and bricks used in changing architectural styles from different periods in the development of the town, from Norman through to 21st century development.

The document will therefore provide clear context for future development in the town centre. This will ensure that Morpeth keeps its identity and distinctiveness through its current and ongoing period of rapid growth.

The document can be viewed following the links below –

Morpeth Conservation Area Appraisal

Since the current Conservation Area, defined in the 1970’s, is highly constrained on the town centre, it excludes many iconic buildings of the town.  Morpeth Town Council has therefore commissioned a second phase of the study, to be carried out in the coming year, which will review the boundaries of the existing Conservation Area.