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Purchase a little bit of your own Morpeth memorabilia from Morpeth Town Hall, Market Place, Morpeth.

Turners’ Herball

Morpeth Town Council is the home to the original 1551 first edition of William Turners’ A New Herball.

William Turner was born in Morpeth in or around 1508.  He was an English naturalist, botanist and theologian known as the ‘Father of English Botany’.  Turner’s best known work – A New Herball (originally published in 3 parts 1551-68) – gave the first clear, systematic survey and descriptions of 238 English plants.

Copies of the original book are available in pdf format from Morpeth Town Council at a cost of £2.00 per copy.

Town Treasures Booklet

bookPRICE £5.00

Since 1714 Morpeth Town Hall has graced the central Market Place of our town. Within the building are many items of historic and artistic interest, reflecting civic pride and community life.

For its 300th anniversary this new illustrated publication presents a brief history of the building along with descriptions and stories about some of its fascinating contents.

Morpeth Crest Badge

badgePRICE £3.00 EACH OR 2 FOR £5.00

The Morpeth Coat of Arms was first conferred by King Edward VI in 1552.

The design was taken from the De Merlay baronial family and features merlin birds, with stripes across and a castle in the centre.